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Ponchos are hard: Nats fan valiantly tries to shield himself from rain

Ponchos are hard: Nats fan can't put his on properly

Former Nats hero Steven Souza Jr., who saved Jordan Zimmermann's no-hitter last season, returned to DC on Wednesday night with the Rays and went 3-for-4 with a homer, a sliding catch in right field and a Little League home run.


To make matters worse, that Little League home run came on a bunt that led to two throwing errors as rain dumped into Nationals Park.

One of the lighter moments of the evening came when the Nats broadcast team had some fun narrating this gentleman's epic battle with his rain poncho, serving as a metaphor for the night:


Some days you're the fan, some days you're the poncho. Am I right or am I right? At least Nats fans can rest assured that if Bryce Harper doesn't blast his team's way out of that metaphorical poncho with a flurry of homers, Max Scherzer will pitch 'em out with that impressive four-seam fastball.

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