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Nats for president? Washington fans cast their ballots

As far as I can tell, these are the things that matter in the District right now:

1. Nationals baseball

2. The presidential election

3. RG3's level of concussedness

4. Teddy's three-race winning streak

5. Ben's Chili Bowl

So if Bob Griffin guest-judged a Barack Obama-Mitt Romney chili-eating contest during the Game 5 Presidents Race with the winner getting four years in the White House, that would be pretty much the most D.C. thing imaginable.

I tried to make it happen, but apparently Abe Lincoln has veto power over any in-race entertainment and he isn't a huge fan of the half-smoke. Sorry -- everyone knows Big Linc is kind of a prima donna like that. So we scratched the eat-off, and I just combined the first two things on that list by asking a bunch of Nats fans who they would write-in for president next month. The endorsements:

Jake from Maryland is voting for Ryan Zimmerman because he understands the struggles of the common man: "He's the face of the franchise. We brought him up the first year he got drafted and he's been here through so many losing seasons. He deserves this."

Jorge Bernardo of Harper's Homeboyz fame thinks America needs leadership experience: "I love myself some Bryce Harper, my favorite player is Michael Morse, but I'm going to vote Ian Desmond for president. I don't know if he's the heart or the soul or both, but at a young age, he exudes such confidence. He's so cool. He's a natural clubhouse leader and a calming presence at a young age."

Fellow Homeboyz member Malika favors charisma and heart: "Michael Morse. I've loved him since I first started watching him play. I don't know what it is about him, but Beast Mode all day."

Scott from Bethesda feels one National has the strongest understanding of healthcare issues: "Jayson Werth has led this team. When he was down and out, he was here. He set an example and he's been a great influence to the younger guys. He plays hard, he just does everything right."

With national security always a priority, Paul from Chevy Chase looked first to the dugout, then to the front office for a leader he could trust: "I would choose Davey Johnson. I think the guy is a great leader, he knows what buttons to push. No! Mike Rizzo is who I'd choose to run this country. I'll follow that guy into war. A Rizzo-Johnson ticket."

Karen from Virginia settled on one candidate's history of pragmatism: "I think I'd have to write-in Davey. He just knows how to get it done."

Roger from Rockville favored the education platform of a Zimmerman-Werth ticket: "The fact that they've really coddled Bryce -- I think he's matured because of them, because his locker is between the two of them. I think they're really keeping him within himself, but at the same time, they're challenging him and he's challenging them."

As usual, Washington is a town divided when it comes to national (and National) politics. With Election Day less than four weeks away, which Nat are you leaning towards?

-- Ian Kay /

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