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Ned Yost drinks his coffee black so he doesn't have to give the baristas an alias

Yost drinks black coffee, doesn't have to use alias

The Royals love their coffee. On Tuesday, we brought you the story of Katelyn Jamison, a barista at Kansas City mainstay eggtc. who got to take in the heroics of Game 6 from a prime seat in the K thanks to a generous tip from Josh Willingham's wife, Ginger.

Prior to the start of World Series Game 7, KC skipper Ned Yost was asked about his coffee preferences. Apparently Yost and the Royals have become such rockstars in KC that he had been giving his barista a fake name so as not to cause a commotion.

That's no longer the case because Yost has switched his order up:

"No, that's back in the days when I was drinking ... all the lattes and stuff. Now I just go with the straight black coffee. They don't even ask your name. They just hand it to you."

Ned Yost likes his coffee like he likes his international network of computer hacktivists ... anonymous.


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