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Nelson Cruz homers in five consecutive games, earns new nickname 'Boomstreak'

Nelson Cruz-ing: Homers in five consecutive games

Let me posit a theory: During the first week of the season, Nelson Cruz was aware of Adrian Gonzalez's five home runs in three games, and thought, "That looks like fun." He then read all of the puns being made using Gonzalez's name and thought, "My name is also good for puns."

And that is why during MLB's second week, he went Cruz-in' and blasted homers in five consecutive games -- six total.

His first (also his first as a Mariner), on Saturday:


His second, on Sunday:


His third and fourth, Monday:


His fifth, a back-to-backer with Robinson Cano, on Tuesday:


And finally, his solo shot on Wednesday:


He's just one game shy of becoming only the 13th player in American League history to homer in six consecutive games -- and one of the very few to do it this early in the season.

Six home runs in five games by a player with the nickname "Boomstick?" That's what we in the business call a Boomstreak. 

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