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Behold the new, more succinct green A's jersey

Another team's FanFest, another new jersey -- this Saturday it was the Athletics, who continued the trend we previously identified when discussing the new Royals jersey -- the boom of the "cap logo on left breast" design.

The A's yellow jersey, introduced two years ago, already utilizes this format, but since the '90s their green jersey had featured the same "Athletics" wordmark seen on their home whites. The new green alternate also adopts the wide headspoon piping seen on the yellow one, along with the bat-holding-elephant-balancing-on-enormous-baseball patch that adorns the left sleeve of all of Oakland's uniforms. And like the recently unveiled new Giants alts, the new A's jersey bares some resemblance to one of the jerseys the team wore in the '70s and early '80s

So, what are your thoughts on the new Athletics jersey?

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