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NHL ice crew plays baseball on Winter Classic rink at Nationals Park

NHL crew plays baseball on Winter Classic rink

2014 is finally winding down, which means it's time for year-end listicles, mashup videos of every Top 40 single and a time-lapse video of the NHL turning a baseball stadium into a hockey rink. 

On Jan. 1, 2015 -- while the rest of us are immediately breaking our New Year's resolutions -- the Washington Capitals will host the Chicago Blackhawks for the NHL's annual outdoor game. It will be played at Nationals Park in the Southeast quadrant of our nation's capital.

With a slew of events set to take place on the ice prior to the Winter Classic itself, the NHL Ice Crew charged with erecting and maintaining the surface had the rink ready a few days ahead of the game and used their preparedness as an opportunity to take America's pastime to the ice.

Really, though, it's not a show "ON ICE!" unless everyone under 12 has, like, two of those light-up toys and a sugar high, so this must have just been a dress rehearsal for the big opening night of Baseball Ice Capades.

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