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Nickname of the Week: Don 'Ears' Mossi

Baseball has a long history of hilarious, ironic and irreverent nicknames. During the offseason, we'll be exploring the best of these monikers on a weekly basis. This week, we take a look at Don "Ears" Mossi.

There's not much to say.

Jim Bouton maybe put it best in his book "Ball Four" saying Mossi "looked like a cab going down the street with its doors open." 

Don Mossi's nickname was an easy one to come up with. He was born with large ears (and possibly superhuman hearing). The southpaw pitched for four teams during his 12-year career, amassing over 100 wins and 50 saves. Mossi is also part of a long line of large-ear success stories which includes the likes of Will Smith, Ross Perot and Michael Phelps.

So yeah, big ears equals big careers.

-- Matt Monagan /