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Nickname of the Week: Rich Garces, 'El Guapo'

Baseball has a long history of hilarious, ironic and irreverent nicknames. During the offseason, we'll be exploring the best of these monikers on a weekly basis. This week, we take a look at "El Guapo."

Rich Garces was many things throughout his 10-year big league career.

He was a Twin, then he was a Cub, then he was a Marlin, and finally, he was a member of the Red Sox. 

But was he in fact "El Guapo?" And what does the designation even mean?

Former Sox pitcher Mike Maddux said he gave Garces the name after watching the El Guapo character from Three Amigos. In Venezuela, "El Guapo" can also be interpreted to mean "The Tough One," possibly referring to the reliever's solid efforts on the mound. Me? I think it's more of an ironic nickname, translating to another Spanish meaning -- "The Handsome One."

The 250-pound reliever had a pretty suave 'stache, hung out with some famous friends and had an incredible bobble belly doll molded in his figure. If that doesn't say charming and handsome, what does?

-- Matt Monagan /