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Nickname of the Week: 'Shoeless' Joe Jackson

"You shoeless son of a gun, you!"

Shoeless Joe has one of those monikers that needs no last name.

The 13-year pro, who is remembered for his association with the Black Sox Scandal along with a .356 career average, earned his nickname while playing a game in Greenville, S.C. Jackson's new spikes were too small and giving the outfielder blisters, so he took them off and played only in his socks. In his first at-bat without the cleats, Jackson hit a triple and a fan yelled out the above quote as he pulled into third base. 

Controversial as his career may be, Shoeless Joe was one of the greatest hitters to ever play the game. His lifetime batting average is the third highest ever -- just below Ty Cobb and Rogers Hornsby. The left-handed hitter recorded a .408 average in his first full season, won a World Series in 1917 with the White Sox and even batted .375 during the tainted 1919 Series. The debate still rages regarding Joe's participation in the scandal, but one thing appears to hold true (at least in Field of Dreams) -- the South Carolina native loved playing ball.

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-- Matt Monagan /