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Noah Syndergaard takes the blame for MLB's rising average velocity with spitfire tweet

Noah Syndergaard takes the blame for rising velocity

Noah Syndergaard throws the ball with a lot of speed. That's befitting of a man with a shimmering golden mane and the nickname of the Asgardian god, Thor. According to Statcast™, Syndergaard's average four-seam fastball came in at 97.36 mph, a number which is absolutely unreal for a starting pitcher. Even crazier was that his perceived velocity was even higher at 98.43. 

So, when future MLB stats maven and Baseball Savant founder Daren Willman tweeted about how pitching velocities are going ever higher, Syndergaard was ready with his response. 

This is the greatest response possible because: 

- It's short. Syndergaard tweets the way he pitches -- with great speed.

- Syndergaard is an active participant in stats-heavy baseball Twitter. 

- It's the equivalent of this: 

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