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Nolan Ryan, Pete Rose and the greatest foul ball ever lost

From the last ball Craig Biggio hit to pieces of the Astrodome turf, Astros authentication manager and team historian Mike Acosta handles historical baseball artifacts on a daily basis.

But everybody has the one that got away.

“I remember Aug. 10, 1985 very vividly because it was an Astros Buddy Photo Day,” Acosta said. Nolan Ryan -- who became the first pitcher to strike out 4,000 batters during that season -- was on the hill. Pete Rose was just a few weeks from breaking Ty Cobb's hits record.

During the game, Rose fouled a Ryan delivery down the right-field line, right over Acosta's seat.

"This other little kid ran in front of me and got the ball," he said. "So that's the greatest foul ball that I ever lost.”

-- Rachel Frey