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Not the BEES! Yes, a giant swarm of bees completely halts Royals-Angels game

Spring Training. It's a time of relaxation. A time of hopeful beginnings. A time of new mustaches. A time of -- OH MY GOD LOOK AT ALL OF THESE BEES.



That nightmarish GIF (no, not the Nick Cage one) is from Sunday's Royals-Angels game. The beginning of the matchup was delayed for 10 minutes and in the fourth inning, the bees halted play for a little more than nine minutes.

Angels starter Matt Shoemaker admitted it was more than just your average annoyance.

"I was warming up and there was a bee or two flying around my head, I didn't really notice them," Shoemaker said. "They're bees, you just swat at them. But when there's thousands of them, you get out of the way."

Eventually, a professional had to intervene when the swarm began making a hive out of a microphone behind home plate.'s John Schlegel spoke with Wil Godwin, the beekeeper from City West Pest Control of Tempe, Ariz., about the problem:

"They basically probably got tired and went there to chill," Godwin said. "And then typically, they send out a few scouts to go search for another place while the rest of them stick around and protect the queen bee."


You know what they say, you can't spell "Baseball" without "BEE," amiright?!