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Odubel Herrera gave Cole Hamels quite a scare before securing the last out of the ace's no-hitter

Odubel Herrera slips, still secures Hamels' no-hitter

You know the old saying: Every no-hitter needs its Dewayne Wise moment, that one great defensive play to keep the dream alive and give the pitcher a mulligan. At least, we used to think that was true, until Cole Hamels took the mound against the Cubs at Wrigley on Saturday.

Hamels was so dominant that, with just one more out standing between him and a no-hitter, he had already racked up 13 K's and hadn't required much defensive help at all. And so Phillies center fielder Odubel Herrera, no doubt recognizing the danger of strikeout fascism, decided to make sure that Hamels wouldn't get his no-no without at least some dramatics:

Herrera final out

Amazingly, that wasn't even the first time Herrera had made things a little more, uh, interesting. Just an inning earlier, David Ross hit a fly ball to deep left-center, and Herrera took a route to the ball that can only be described as "adventurous." Or, you know, he just wanted to take a scenic tour of the ivy:

Herrera catch

Remember, Cole: Those guys behind you with the gloves have feelings, too. Can't make it too boring out there.

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