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On '90s Night, the Sacramento River Cats are bringing back Legends of the Hidden Temple

River Cats announce 'Hidden Temple' '90s night unis

Did you grow up in the 1990s? Would you identify as a pog-collecting, Surge-drinking, orange VHS-watching '90s kid? Do you rue the day Nickelodeon cancelled its landmark TV game show Legends of the Hidden Temple?

Don't worry -- the Sacramento River Cats, Triple-A affiliate of the Giants, have you covered.

Check out their jerseys for their upcoming '90s Night promotion:

Yep. For one night, the River Cats are trading in their threads and joining up with the Red Jaguars. No word yet on whether their opponents that night, the Round Rock Express, will be repping for the Blue Barracudas.

Hopefully, before the matchup, they'll do some scouting on the aforementioned Shrine of the Silver Monkey. That thing was the downfall of many a potential Major Leaguer:

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