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On Bret Saberhagen's 51st birthday, relive his Game 7 shutout in the '85 World Series

Bret Saberhagen had some fine times in the 1980s: The pitcher, who turns 51 years old Saturday, won two American League Cy Young Awards and had this impeccable '80s mustache.


But during Saberhagen's domination of the decade, there was, perhaps, no moment finer than his shutout in Game 7 of the 1985 World Series:

Saberhagen held the Cardinals to five hits while striking out two and walking none, earning himself a World Series MVP Award and hoisting the Royals to a championship. We should mention that Saberhagen's son was born the day before. Not a bad two-day stretch.

As the lanky, mustachioed hurler celebrates his birthday, why not relive his stellar Game 7 in its entirety?