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On his birthday, here's Cool Papa Bell telling Bob Costas he's faster than the speed of light

James "Cool Papa" Bell was fast. How fast? The Negro League star was said to have been able to score from second on a sacrifice fly and swipe two bases on one pitch. It was even rumored that he could round the bases in an incredible 13 seconds.

But on the Hall of Famer's birthday, we found video of Bell explaining one of his more famous tales -- flipping off a light switch and getting under the covers before the room got dark. The clip comes from the 1985 film "St. Louis Cardinals: The Movie" (Bell played for the St. Louis Stars from 1922-28) and also features a very eager 33-year-old reporter named Bob Costas. Enjoy the history, and enjoy Bob Costas' dapper crewneck sweater:

-- Matt Monagan /

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