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On Lou Piniella's 70th birthday, let's revisit one of his most epic tantrums

Lou Piniella's managerial career included 23 seasons, five teams (Yankees, Reds, Mariners, Devil Rays and Cubs) and a World Series title, with Cincinnati in 1990. He was known for winning at most of his stops, but also for his monumental blowups. This particular one was his first ejection in a Cubs uniform, and you can tell the Wrigley faithful was waiting for it (in all its hat-kicking glory):


Piniella had an interesting playing career as well. He made his first MLB appearance in 1964 with the Orioles and didn't get back to the bigs until '68 with the Indians. He played his first full season in '69 with the Royals -- and won the AL Rookie of the Year for them.

He also won two World Series with the Yankees, including a walk-off single to win Game 4 in '78: