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24 years ago, Toronto GM Gillick traded his wife's favorite player for Roberto Alomar and Joe Carter

24 years ago, the Blue Jays acquired Roberto Alomar

The year was 1990. Everyone's favorite movie was Home Alone, Iggy Azalea was just a string of nonsense words, and Pat Gillick was the general manager of the Blue Jays. Just before the Winter Meetings, he called his wife to tell her that he'd traded Tony Fernandez and her favorite player, Fred McGriff, to the Padres. According to the New York Times:

Doris Gillick was not pleased. "Will you get home before you screw up the team any further?" she said.

But the Padres sent him Roberto Alomar and Joe Carter in exchange. Presumably, Mrs. Gillick changed her mind when Alomar hit a game-tying two-run homer in Game 4 of the 1992 ALCS:

The Jays would go on to beat the Braves in the World Series, taking home the franchise's first ever Commissioner's Trophy.

The next year, Joe Carter touched 'em all on his way to making Toronto a back-to-back world champion:

But Mrs. Gillick wasn't wrong about McGriff's talent. The Hall of Fame candidate won his own World Series ring with the Braves in 1995, and hit 30 home runs in no fewer than 10 of his 23 seasons.   

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