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Orbit hosts David Ortiz for an intergalactic tea party

Orbit hosts David Ortiz for intergalactic tea party

Baseball and superstition go hand-in-hand: you don't talk about a no-hitter while it's being thrown, you don't change your socks when you're on a streak and sometimes the whole team has to grow mustaches for the sake of solidarity. So it's no surprise that MLB players have their own special pregame rituals.

Cameron Maybin eats a double cheeseburger, David Price plays solitaire on his phone, Carlos Zambrano used to give Mike Fontenot piggyback rides and hit him in the head. True story. Turns out mascots aren't much different.

Astros mascot Orbit has been flirtin' with the top of the MLB Mascot Power Rankings for a good year or two now as his antics delight the crowd in Houston. But he can't bring his A-game unless he's properly prepared and it seems as though Orbit's pregame ritual consists of ... tea and biscuits?


The Astros were hosting the Red Sox on Wednesday when Orbit set up shop along the third-base line, complete with a few plush friends. He tried to get David Ortiz in on the action, but Big Papi drew the line at wearing the tiara. No fun, Big Papi. No fun at all.

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