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Orbit is now available to deliver Valentine's Day packages

Roses, a box of chocolates … and a large green alien? For people who want to make a big impression on the Astros fan in their life, they can have Orbit deliver a special package to their Valentine. 

"We've done a Valentine's Day package, and it is going to include a candy and flower package delivered directly from Orbit," Astros Marketing Entertainment Manager Richard Tapia said. "It'll also include a couple of bullpen tickets here at the ballpark, an Orbit doll, a cap, and you can take lots of pictures as well. It's a lot of fun, and we've had a really good response from it."

Talking about the Valentine's Day package, Orbit and Tapia shared how Orbit is preparing for the season.

"He's been stretching a lot, he's getting in a lot of running around, and we are doing a lot of appearances here and around Houston, and jumping jacks… that's a real big thing for Orbit, jumping jacks, he's all about fitness," Tapia said.

According to Tapia, Orbit fans can expect, "A lot of fur-flying fun," this season.

"It's going to be a whole, whole lot of fun at Minute Maid Park this season," Tapia said. "With Orbit running around, we have got a whole lot of things in store. You've got to come out to the ballpark and check it out."

For more information about Orbit or his Valentine's Day Deliveries, visit:

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