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Orbit trolls Indians, offers to wax their mustaches for them

Orbit trolls Indians, offers to wax their mustaches

If you picked up the Astros' Orbit in your MLB Mascot Fantasy League, you nabbed yourself the sleeper of the season. Whether Orbit's (Mike) Trout fishing, trying to convince opposing teams to play Twister or feuding with J.P. Arencibia, the mascot's game has been on-point down the stretch of the 2014 season. 

Wednesday was no exception as Orbit broke out the mustache wax and tried to give the visiting Indians a makeover.

You might recall that the Indians started growing their "rally mustaches" in preparation for a comeback run at the postseason. They're not out of it yet as they sit five games back of the second AL Wild Card spot, but that didn't stop Orbit from getting a good tease in.

Troll hand strong, Orbit. Troll hand strong.

(For what it's worth, it appears that there's power in numbers as the Tribe and their rally staches outmatched Orbit's new look for a 2-0 victory over the 'Stros.)

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