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Orioles owner Peter Angelos has a horse named Showalter, and he won his first race

A horse named after Buck Showalter won its first race

Peter Angelos, majority owner and CEO of the Orioles, is personally invested in the success of two Showalters. There's Buck, the Orioles manager, who's gone 458-409 in six seasons. And there's Showalter, a horse, who won his very first race on Sunday.

The Baltimore Sun points out that the horse, who took first by a neck in the eighth race at Laurel Park, is indeed named after Buck Showalter -- who happened to win his debut for Angelos, too. But hey, this isn't a competition between the 59-year-old human and 2-year-old horse. Yet

Fun fact about naming horses: In order to name a racehorse after a living person, you need to submit his or her written permission to The Jockey Club, which is in charge of the official horse-naming procces. It appears that's only for full names, though, so Showalter did not need Buck's permission. But he's probably cool with serving as the inspiration for a winning horse either way. 

We'd also like to point out that Showalter's race included a horse named Yankee Tar, who came in fourth. Make of that what you will, but if the Orioles finish first in the AL East next season and the Yankees fourth ... time to start paying attention to horse racing. 

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