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Otis Nixon stole 6 bases in one game on June 16, 1991, and entered the history books

Otis Nixon stole 6 bases in one game 24 years ago

On Sept. 22, 1912, Eddie Collins stole six bases in a single game -- the second time he accomplished the feat in a span of 11 days. Yet for nearly 80 years, no one in MLB could do the same. Between 1914 and 1990, 10 players stole five bases, but a sixth eluded them all. Even master basestealer Rickey Henderson was stopped at five.

Enter Otis Nixon.

On June 16, 1991, the Braves visited the Expos. Nixon entered the season with 26 steals on the season -- he'd finish the game with 32. In a flurry of baserunning, Nixon swiped six bags (second and third three times apiece) on three hits, scoring two runs and pulling off a feat that hadn't been seen since William Howard Taft's presidency.


It was as if the floodgates were opened. Eric Young followed Nixon's six-steal day with one of his own in '96 for the Rockies and in 2009, Carl Crawford became the third player in fewer than 20 years to pull it off. Three six-steal performances in 18 years? That's a veritable deluge compared to the dearth of the previous eight decades. 

Nixon stole 72 bases total in 1991, the highest of his career. One-twelfth of those came in a single nine-inning game. Not a bad day at all. 

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