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Out of the video board and onto the field: DJ Kitty now exists in full mascot form

Around Tropicana Field, DJ Kitty is hugely popular. And as of today, DJ Kitty is also just plain huge.

The Rays unveiled their new giant-sized DJ Kitty mascot prior to Sunday's home game against the Indians to great fanfare. Raymond, the team's only mascot since the organization's first game in 1998, showed no signs of jealousy as he helped welcome the record-scratching feline.

DJ Kitty was originally conceived as a "rally cat" of sorts, appearing on the video board to help motivate the Rays to score more runs.

Though his motivate-through-music techniques didn't work today (the Rays lost, 13-0), one thing is certain-Raymond will need to find a bigger litter box.

-- Jonathan Gantt / Real-Time Correspondent