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Top-ranked ursine prospect Paddington Bear makes his Major League debut with Cubs

Another much-hyped prospect made his long-awaited debut with the Cubs for Thursday night's matchup against the Dodgers. After making his way up through the Minors, including a stint in Europe, Paddington Bear finally took the mound.


It was a fairly brief appearance -- the box score indicates he threw only one pitch at the very beginning of the game -- but the Wrigley faithful did get a chance to see Paddington's plus-stuff that scouts have been raving about.

Paddington's game is subtle -- quietly restrained but with a whimsical edge to it -- and for some reason, he thrives in inclement weather. Paddington also possesses a plus breaking pitch known as a "pawball" -- in the words of one scout, "P. Bear really knows how to put some hair on the ball."

With the Cubs using the bear in a very limited capacity so far, it'll be a while before opposing teams can put together a full scouting report on Paddington. But for fans, the wait to see Paddington throw at the Major League level is finally over.