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Padres ballgirl shows some serious ups in beautiful foul ball snag

Padres ballgirl shows some serious ups on catch

While I'll readily admit that I did nothing more than a cursory Google search, I think I can safely say that there has never been a ballboy or girl who has been signed right off the field and put into the team's Minor League system. That may change after this catch by the Padres ballgirl. 

In the bottom of the eighth inning of the Padres game against the Phillies on Sunday, Matt Kemp ripped a line drive down the left-field line. And with a leaping grab that would make scouts at an NBA combine double check their measurements, the ballgirl came down with the catch. 


While the catch is nice, the best part may be the excitement of the boy behind her who is so enthused that he doesn't even mind that he didn't end up with the ball on his own. 

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