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This Padres fan really, really wants his team to bring back brown uniforms

Padres fan creates new uniform design

As a society, we've generally achieved great progress. In our brave new future, we can carry thousands of books in our back pockets. It takes less than eight hours to travel from coast to coast, and that's without the hassle of oxen and possible death from dysentery. We can even order Girl Scout cookies online. Is there anything about the past worth missing?

Of course. The brown '70s Padres uniforms:


But thanks to San Diego fan John Brubaker, we don't have to miss them any longer. While the club is not officially bringing back the brown, Brubaker's artistry shows us what the 21st century version might be like:  

For now, it's just an artist's representation. But, as recent events have shown us, sometimes artists get the future right.

h/t: Eye on Baseball

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