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Paint it (orange and) black: Giants fans go Goldfinger at Game 1

Theo Garrett (sans shirt above) thought he was completely committed when he painted his face for all three Giants home games during the 2002 World Series.

But San Francisco lost one of those matchups and ultimately dropped the Fall Classic, 4-3 to the Angels. So after flying up from San Diego on Saturday night, Theo made a parking lot decision to go all out -- wholeheartedly and wholebodiedly -- this time around.

"We were standing there near the Ferry Building putting makeup on our faces," he said. "I started doing my arms, and then I took my shirt off and it just kinda happened."

Dr. Cameron Garrett (second from left) tried to talk his son out of painting even his face, but found himself converted, at least above the neck, in a pregame rush of San Francisco spirit. Scientists remain undecided on whether the body painting gene is hereditary, so stay on the lookout for a topless local dentist at AT&T Park for Game 2.

--Ian Kay/

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