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Watch this local artist's reaction after his portrait of Giancarlo Stanton sold for $25,000

Painting of Giancarlo Stanton earns $25K for charity

Had a rough day? Monotony of the work week got you down? Looking for something to renew your faith in man's capacity for good? Well, luckily, last night's Cubs-Marlins game provided just the thing. 

The Marlins Foundation held a fantasy auction at Marlins Park, with proceeds benefiting the Miami Marlins Education Fund, featuring rewards ranging from a road trip with the team to a golf vacation. But they were all outdone by a striking portrait of Giancarlo Stanton:  

Giancarlo painting

The painting was the last item up for bid, and ended up going for a stunning $25,000 -- nearly four times more than the next-biggest draw.

But the story gets even better from there: The artist is a man named Joseph Gormley, a middle school janitor who, according to the Marlins broadcast, recently took up painting when his wife bought him a paint set as a Christmas gift. Since then, Gormley has made it his goal to donate $1 million dollars to charity through his art, and when he learned how much Stanton had sold for, he was overwhelmed:

Stanton artist

A tip of the hat all around for making our Thursday that much better. What's that? No, we were just chopping some onions. Shut up!

And check out an interview with the artist: 

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