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Parks and Rec's sabermetric law firm adds a few new partners

Parks and Rec's sabermetric law firm has new partners

Back in 2013, the penultimate season of NBC's Parks and Recreation introduced viewers to the baseball-themed fictional law firm Babip, Pecota, Vorp & Eckstein.

Over the past two years, much has been happening in the law offices of Bapip, Pecota, Vorp & Eckstein. First, they merged with another Pawnee-based law firm to become Fwar, Dips, Winshares, Gritt, Babip, Pecota, Vorp & Eckstein.

And, just to give Mad Men's short-lived Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Pryce, Cutler, Gleason & Chaough a run for its money, the Parks and Rec SABR firm went ahead and added to the masthead.

Heavy-hitters Trevor Nelsson (a character on the show), Woba, Eraplus, Rângé-Factor and Heart all made partner in time for the most-recent episode.

Woba is a reference to wOBA, or weighted on-base average, and Zswing represents zSwing%, or the percentage of pitches in the strike zone a player swung at. Eraplus refers to ERA+, or park-adjusted earned run average. You probably already figured out range factor and heart.