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Paul O'Neill was dared to talk to Jimmy Fallon at the Yankees game, so he did

Paul O'Neill dared to talk to Jimmy Fallon, so he did

There was an abundance of New York icons in attendance at Yankee Stadium to watch the Yanks take on the Phillies: Paul O'Neill (doing commentary for YES, as usual), Jimmy Fallon, Lorne Michaels and Rudy Giuliani were all taking in the game on Tuesday night. And by some baseball miracle, all four of them came together for one of the New York-iest photos in recent memory:


Hold on -- let's back up, because such a momentous occasion needs explanation.

In the bottom of the sixth inning, the camera panned to the "Tonight Show" host in the stands, and YES announcer Michael Kay was struck with an idea.

"Paul, could you do me a favor?" he asked O'Neill. "Go down and ask Fallon if he'd be on [YES TV show] CenterStage."

O'Neill, ever intrepid and down for a challenge, accepted: "So, between innings I'm going to run down and you're not going to believe I asked him, so I'll get a selfie with him and I'll give you the answer."

"And you know there's no way he'd turn you down," Kay said.

"So, is that a dare, is that what you're doing?" O'Neill asked.

It was. So, between the sixth and seventh inning, O'Neill made good on the dare. He went down to the stands where Fallon sat to ostensibly ask for his presence on CenterStage and, of course, to get a photo. But not just any photo -- because sitting near Fallon were also Michaels and Giuliani. 

"He'll do anything," Kay said as he watched O'Neill from the booth. "He's like the little brother I never had."


O'Neill. Fallon. Michaels. Giuliani. BOOM.

Naturally, O'Neill was successful in his mission. "[Fallon] said 'Yeah,'" he reported after he made his way back into the broadcast booth. "He said 'This is the greatest!'"

"You are amazing," Kay said.

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