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Pedro Martinez celebrates Hall of Fame election with a Q&A with former teammate Kevin Millar

Pedro Martinez celebrates HOF with Q&A

Quick: You've just been elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame. What's the first thing you do?

Take a trip to Disney World? Give yourself a champagne shower? Get your groove on with a celebratory dance?

No -- you make an appearance on MLB Network to bask in the glory of your impending induction, of course.

That's what brand new HOFer Pedro Martinez did Tuesday, at least. And though the three-time Cy Young Award winner is destined for Cooperstown enshrinement, he wasn't too good for a brief Q&A with former teammate Kevin Millar.

The exchange offered a bit of insight into Martinez, such as a few of Pedro's pitcher inspirations growing up (Mario Soto and Nolan Ryan, among others) and the one hitter he loathed to pitch to: HOF ballot-mate Edgar Martinez (because he was prone to long at-bats).

"It pissed me off to have to throw 13 pitches to get a guy out," Martinez quipped.

The segment concluded the only possible way it could: The Point.


We're pretty sure that's how Pedro finishes all of his conversations these days. Or we hope so. 

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