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Pedro Martinez celebrated having his number retired by taking a selfie with David Ortiz

Pedro takes selfie with Papi as number is retired

Sure, America has been upping its selfie game lately -- most notably that Oscars celebrity-'splosion and, our personal favorite, a meeting of some stellar scientific minds -- but did those shots include 486 home runs, over 3,000 strikeouts and four World Series rings? We didn't think so. 

Not content with merely charming the baseball world over Hall of Fame Weekend, Pedro Martinez returned to his old stomping grounds on Tuesday night, as his No. 45 was retired by the Red Sox. And, like any self-respecting Pedro superfan (read: pretty much all of us) would, David Ortiz took the opportunity to get himself a souvenir:

Pedro Papi selfie

That sound you hear is the city of Boston collectively swooning. They might not break the Internet, but they've stolen our hearts.  

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