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In honor of his epic post-strikeout celebration, we ask: Pedro Strop, pitcher or Super Saiyan?

Strop escapes late jam, celebrates with big fist pump

Look, we're not saying that Cubs reliever Pedro Strop is definitely a Super Saiyan, but let's run through the available evidence:

Point: Super Saiyans frequently fire balls of pure energy out of their hands at ridiculous speeds:

Counter point: Pedro Strop's average fastball velocity this year is around 95 mph.

And, of course, Super Saiyans have been known to spontaneously combust in a burst of electric energy:

On a related note, here's how Pedro Strop celebrated escaping a jam during the Cubs' 6-5 win over the White Sox on Friday:

Strop celebration

We're not saying, we're just saying. 

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