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Dustin Pedroia became the latest victim in baseball's never-ending war against the sun

Pedroia loses fly ball to sun, allows run to score

Lately we've seen an astonishing spate of success in baseball's war against the sun. About a week ago, Jose Iglesias one-upped the fiery orb and on Saturday, Jason Heyward won yet another victory:


But the sun has been here for 4.6 billion years, and on Sunday, it decided to remind us that it can never truly be defeated. Looking for revenge, it bore down on Fenway Park in all its terrible glory:


The horror! The horror!


The sun caught Dustin Pedroia as he was attempting to catch a fly ball off the bat of Kevin Pillar. Wisely, he attempted to call for reinforcements:


Alas, the ball fell in front of Pedroia, allowing a run to score. The sun sees our hubris and laughs, knowing it is the true MVP (Most Valuable Plasma … Ball).