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Before throwing first pitch at Fenway Park, Jordan Spieth chooses side in Red Sox-Yankees rivalry

PGA Tour star Spieth chooses side in Red Sox rivalry

Before the Red Sox lost to the Yankees, 3-1, on Tuesday night, the PGA TOUR's 22-year-old star and Masters and U.S. Open champion, Jordan Spieth, took the hill to toss out the first pitch. Given the storied history between the two teams, the Texas-bred Rangers fan (his team won, 8-6, against the Padres on Tuesday) knew he would have to take a stance. Who would he support in this ancient battle: The Red Sox or Yankees? 

While swearing that it wasn't just because he was in Fenway that night and didn't want to draw ire from the fans, Spieth made his position clear: 

"After my Rangers, I root for the Red Sox. I truly mean that. Not just because I'm here. And I always root against the Yankees. So it's nice to be here tonight. And hopefully we can get a Yankees loss and a Rangers win, and [the Rangers] can move up a little bit in that Wild Card race."

Which is smart. After all, if Spieth wants his chance at meeting David Ortiz, who is one of his favorite players for how he "looks like he has so much fun every time he's out and about," it's smart to take his side in the equation. 

As for the pitch, you may be surprised to find out why the right-handed golfer threw out his pitch left-handed. 


Jordan's father, Shawn, was a baseball player while at Lehigh University and taught his son how to throw lefty. Probably because he knew that left-handed pitchers never get too old to play baseball. 

And when Jordan was pitching in high school, well, his stuff was typical fringe lefty: 

"I'm a lefty, so I had a little bit of movement on a fastball. That's about it. But I never could throw it really hard or by anybody. I just hoped they kind of swung and missed."

Fortunately, given how successful his golf career has been, he probably isn't lining up for a LOOGY's role anyway.

You can watch Spieth's entire round live on Friday at 9:30 am ET as he tees it up with Jason Day and Bubba Watson at TPC Boston for the Deutsche Bank Championship. Sign up at

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