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You wish you drove this incredible baseball-mobile

You wish you drove this incredible baseball-mobile

Sure, Alfredo Simon has a car that can reflect light into the depths of space, but it's got nothing on Rockies fan Dan Sauvageau's ride. This is the vehicle we've always dreamed of driving, as you can tell from this historical document:


So, why did Sauvageau decide to wrap his car in a facsimile of a baseball?

"Because I can," he said. "And just to do something different. If you have a man cave full of memorabilia, no one can see it, but this way everyone can tell you're a baseball fan."

And of course, there was a little peer pressure.

"[I] did the car because my daughter wanted me to," he admitted.

And he's not done yet -- though the car is already plenty majestic:


Sauvageau is planning to add MLB-embroidered headrests and an MLB logo on the hood of the car. A resident of Denver, he plans to have the car finished in time for Opening Day at Coors Field. But, there will be plenty of chances to catch this car in the parking lot, because he's only missed 119 games since 1997. His daughter, only 11 years old, has already been to more than 500.

When asked if he had plans to sell the car, he simply said, "Heck no." After all, he's still got an imaginary road trip to take: If he could travel with any Rockies player in the baseball-mobile, he'd pick Todd Helton. But his daughter, he said, might prefer Carlos Gonzalez, who should be right at home in a car that kind of stands out.


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