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Dee Gordon gives nuclear wedgie to Baxter, the Diamondbacks mascot

On Saturday night, before the Dodgers took on the Diamondbacks, Baxter, the Diamondbacks mascot, mooned the Dodgers dugout, his "Beat LA" undies proudly displayed. 

Baxter Beat LA

Dee Gordon, not content to take that kind of behavior sitting down, decided to retaliate by giving Baxter a wedgie, the discomfort and embarrassment surely visible on Baxter's giant, cat-like face.

But to determine the true victor in this battle of wills, the two squared off in a rock-paper-scissors fight. I've heard that this was also used to deterimine the victor of the Roman-Etruscan war. 


Dee Gordon won this time, but just like the Joker and Batman, I'm sure we'll see these warriors face off all summer long