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Let's revisit the time a dog on the field delayed a game at Yankee Stadium

There was a lot of animal-MLB interaction, but how about the time a dog delayed the White Sox-Yankees game on Aug. 16, 1977 by trotting across the outfield?

The best part: The incident, photographed above with center fielder Mickey Rivers crouching down to get a good look at the four-legged beast making his way through, didn't even make the New York Times' game recap. In fairness, the Yankees beat the White Sox, 11-10, with a two-run walk-off home run that came after New York had blown a five-run lead in the top of the ninth. I guess in the middle of all of that, a dog trotting across the outfield wasn't particularly newsworthy.

But I think it's newsworthy, nearly 40 years later -- look at the dog! In the outfield! Adorable. 

And, in an attempt to provide equal time to our canine and feline friends, let's not forget the cat that delayed a Mets-Phillies game on July 23, 1990.


This time, the Times did make note of it:

"[The Mets] even rescued a black cat that wandered onto the field from beneath the stands, and Kevin Elster carried it inside. But stranger things were about to descend on them."

Apparently, 1990 was a big year for cats at the ballpark.