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Bartolo Colon extends his hitting streak to two games

Colon extends his hitting streak to two games

Sure, we all get our laughs at Bartolo Colon and his amazing all-or-nothing swings. For a player who had spent most of his career in the American League, it was amusing to watch the husky veteran hurler take wild hacks at the ball, watching his helmet fall off in the process.

Bartolo swing

But our good-natured chortles were misplaced. Bartolo Colon wasn't flailing wildly like a madman at the plate, he was calibrating his swing. Like a sentient fighter jet who needed to work on his missile lock (note to self: create children's television show about sentient fighter jet), Colon was merely preparing his body to become an expert batsman.

After hitting a double in his last start, Colon stepped to the plate in the bottom of the fourth on Tuesday night and:

 Bartolo single

That's right, a hard hit line drive to left field on a ball up in the zone. 

With a two-game hitting streak going, I don't want to guarantee that Colon is going to break Joe DiMaggio's 56-game hit streak, but it certainly seems likely. 

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