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Throwback Photo of the Day: Mickey Mantle seems pretty happy with his crown

Throwback Photo of the Day: Mantle dons a crown

Monday's Players Choice Awards mark the start of Awards season, as MLB is ready to crown the best players and performances of 2015. You know who won a lot of awards? Mickey Mantle. Just look at him in the photo above, wearing a literal crown -- the "Babe Ruth Sultan of Swat" award from the Maryland Professional Baseball Players Association -- and grinning like a goof. 

Semi-related question: What is on Mantle's tie in that picture? Are those cows? Did Mickey Mantle wear a tie with cows on it? It certainly looks like some sort of animal grazing across the satin hanging from his neck. It could be just an ambiguous shape, I suppose, like paisley. But you are never going to be able to take from me the idea of Mickey Mantle wearing a tie with cows on it to an awards ceremony. That's just too excellent. 

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