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Throwback Photo of the Day: Mickey Mantle seems pretty happy with his crown

Throwback Photo of the Day: The royal Mick

It's the start of Awards season Monday night with the Player's Choice Awards, as MLB is ready to crown the best players and performances of 2015. You know who won a lot of awards? Mickey Mantle. Just look at him in the photo above, wearing a literal crown -- the "Babe Ruth Sultan of Swat" award from the Maryland Professional Baseball Players Associatio  -- and grinning like a goof. 

Semi-related question: What is on Mantle's tie in that picture? Are those cows? Did Mickey Mantle wear a tie with cows on it? It certainly looks like some sort of animal grazing across the satin hanging from his neck. It could be just an ambiguous shape, I suppose, like paisley. But you are never going to be able to take from me the idea of Mickey Mantle wearing a tie with cows on it to an awards ceremony. That's just too excellent.