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Netflix hit 'House of Cards' pays Camden Yards a visit in season two

Netflix dropped season two of its highly popular political drama House of Cards over the weekend, starring Kevin Spacey as Francis J. Underwood -- an aggressive DC politician with the diction of a Shakespearean villain.

The show, which is darkly campy and a lot of fun, takes a detour to a familiar location in the middle of its second season: Camden Yards.'s Jane Lee has the full story on how this scene came to pass, and it's well worth a read -- particularly to hear Jim Johnson (now of the Athletics) talk about his experience as an actor.

If you've never seen the show, there may be some mild spoilers ahead -- but fear not if you've yet to start season two; we won't reveal any major plot twists.

In Chapter 19, Vice President Underwood is tasked with tossing out the first pitch before an Orioles game. Johnson and Nate McLouth (who signed with Washington in December) both cameo:


Orioles fans were excited:


Vice President Underwood was waiting in the tunnel during the national anthem, and was clearly getting a bit antsy:


But a good politician knows how to put on a happy face:


After the customary greeting of the Oriole Bird:


The Veep shouted a "Go Orioles!"


Johnson set up a target for Underwood:


And the VP got set to pitch...


As I said earlier, spoiler free is the way to be. But suffice it to say, the pitch didn't go exactly as planned …

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