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Photo of the Day: The sun hasn't set on summer in Cleveland just yet

Photo of the Day: A beautiful blue sky in Cleveland

When Ella Fitzgerald sang that blue skies were smiling at her, she must have been talking about the view from Progressive Field in Cleveland, because the sun has not yet set on summer ... nor the Indians' season.

With Francisco Lindor making a push for AL Rookie of the Year Award consideration, Corey Kluber matching all sorts of long-lost franchise marks in strikeouts, the team still holding on to hope of a postseason berth and beautiful blue skies like the majestic view shown above, there are definitely worse ways to spend an evening than taking in a ballgame. 



Clevelanders may be rocking hoodies and drinking coffee blessed with the addition of pumpkin spice, but the sun hasn't quite set on their boys of summer just yet. 

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