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Photo of the Day: Glimpse an alternate universe Ken Griffey Jr.

Photo of the Day: Alternate universe Griffey

While some may argue that Ken Griffey Jr.'s smooth swing and ability to rob home runs are proof that he was touched by divine providence, during a 1997 series, viewers got to see him as an actual Angel. 

After the Mariners clinched the AL West during a series with the second-place Angels on Sept. 23, Griffey (during his MVP season in which he would lead the league with 56 HR and 147 RBIs) decided to goof on his opponents by wearing an Angels uniform. 

But maybe, just maybe, Griffey wasn't goofing on the team. Maybe we briefly glimpsed an alternate timeline where Junior called the Big A home instead of the Kingdome. Perhaps in this alternate universe, the Griffey-led Angels don't blow their 11-game division lead in '95 and the greatest moment in Mariners history never happens: 

With Junior on the Angels, think of all the fun and endless graphics that would appear during ballgames as the broadcasters would compare Mike Trout's performance to The Kid's. And come the summer of 2016, the Angels would likely have their first cap proudly displayed in the Hall of Fame.  

Perhaps that happened in the ever-expanding multiverse. Other than this photograph, we'll never know. 

For in our reality, Junior did things like this for the Mariners: 

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