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Photo of the Day: Jerry Blevins' cat sweater is the best sweater

Jerry Blevins' cat sweater is the best sweater

Apparently, Nationals reliever Jerry Blevins and free agent lefty Dana Eveland are old pals and once organized a trip to the Mall of America in Minnesota. Both were members of the Athletics in 2008 and 2009, so it's entirely possible that this trip happened during an away series against the Twins back then. Or, maybe they stayed in touch and chose this offseason to finally make the journey.

But the specifics are, ultimately, irrelevant, because during this trip to the mall, Blevins picked up a fashionable, everyday sweater and chose today to show it off to the world:

That's all he's got, but that's all he needed to make it a successful trip to the mall.

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