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Photo of the Day: The Twins celebrate a win under some seriously angry skies

Photo: Storm clouds loom as Twins celebrate win

Just a few days ago, Cleveland was as sunny as could be -- Mother Nature allowing us to cling to the last drops of summer for a little while longer. But alas, the world spins on, and no season can last forever. 

While the Twins celebrated taking the first game of their doubleheader with the Indians on Wednesday, the skies over Progressive Field turned dark, portending the winter to come. 

Take heart, though, for as the great Semisonic once said, every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. Summer and baseball may be drawing to a close, but that also means lots of layers, foliage and all the pumpkin-flavored products you could ask for. Besides, as the weather gets colder, it can only mean one thing: Spring Training can't be too far off.


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