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Photo of the Day: The sun sets over Coors Field

Photo taken on LG G4 by Mitch Keller, Correspondent

One of the most wonderful things about baseball is how it bridges the gap from winter to winter again.

In March, teams gather in Florida and Arizona -- as they have done since the early 20th century -- because it is too cold to play baseball in many spots on the MLB map. And then, in October, fans bundle up to watch their teams burrow deeper and deeper into the postseason mantle before, eventually, the season ends and everything freezes -- waiting to go again next year.

In Denver, this cycle is even more pronounced. The colder months are colder, making the warmer months feel warmer, and, ultimately, as the season draws to a close, the creeping of winter feels more and more immediate. 

So, as we're much closer to the final baseball game of 2015 than we are to the first, take a second and watch the sun set over Coors Field. Yeah, winter is coming, but so are trade rumors, pumpkin pie, New Year's resolutions and eventually, Spring Training. What a lovely sunset it is.