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Let Phil Rizzuto be your style inspiration for staying warm and looking cool this winter

Phil Rizzuto knew how to stay warm in wintry temps

It's finally time to start dressing like Phil Rizzuto. Let me explain: 

According to the experts, winter begins just before midnight on Monday Dec. 21 this year. I guess the winter solstice, and not the day after Thanksgiving, does mark the start of the season, technically. But that's like saying fall doesn't start the day after Labor Day, or summer the day after Memorial Day. There are the scientific rules, and then there is everything we know to be true. So, with the winter season now upon us, it's best to be prepared. Like Phil Rizzuto. 

The above photo was taken in the spring, but Rizzuto was broadcasting the Yankees-Orioles game in Baltimore on April 18, 1962, when the temperature dropped below 40 degrees. And the day before, Baltimore's low temp was 26 degrees. That's basically winter -- hence the trench coat and stylishly warm hat.

So this winter, let's all dress up like Phil Rizzuto and stay toasty (while looking so cool). 

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