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A postseason farewell to the exuberant, fashion-forward Rays fans

While the Rays' October has come to an end, the fans at Tropicana Field absolutely brought it to what would ultimately be the final game of Tampa Bay's season. Check out these awesome outfits and top-notch #FANtasking:

This kid rocked a sweet mohawk and beads, and showed wonderful cowbell technique:


Sometimes, a baseball hat's not enough -- you've got to trick it out with some bling (Pins count as bling, right?):


What better to compliment a 2008 American League Champions T-shirt than a baseball-themed balloon headband?


As you probably know, the Rays play their baseball indoors. This fan made sure to keep his head warm with a delightful fuzzy hat (note: the Red Sox fan behind him does not seem delighted by the hat):


Another balloon hat -- this one apparently from the Kentucky Derby collection -- and another blue mohawk. Believe it or not, they compliment each other very well:


Head tattoos!!!


Sure the tattoos are temporary, but the ensemble's legacy is enduring:


And then there's George Crottie of Lakeland, FL, who's been dressing as Santa Claus since the 2008 World Series. Our own Jillian Sakovits tracked him down and got this explanation:

During a Philadephia Eagles game, [Crottie] had seen fans throw snowballs at another fan dressed as Santa Claus. When the Phillies came to Tampa for the World Series, Crottie thought to himself, "What do Phillies fans hate? Santa."

He's been sporting the outfit to Rays games ever since.


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